Cyprus «an attractive» jurisdiction

There are many jurisdictions in the world, but why Cyprus is one of the most attractive countries for businesses?

Cyprus, a Member State of the European Union since 2004, with a wide network of double tax treaties, common law based legal system and a beneficial tax regime.

Cyprus Tax Regime Beneficial Towards Foreign Investors: Tax In A Nutshell

  • Cyprus tax residency is determined by the “effective management and control”;
  • Corporate tax rate 12.5% on worldwide income;
  • Dividend income is fully exempt from Tax*;
  • Profit from the disposal of securities is exempt*;
  • Profits from permanent establishment outside Cyprus are exempt from Income Tax*;
  • Taxable losses are carried forward indefinitely*;
  • Group relief for utilisation of tax losses*;
  • Dividends paid to foreign resident shareholders are free from Withholding taxes or any other taxes;
  • Interest paid to a non-resident company is exempt from Withholding taxes;
  • Notional interest deduction on new equity;
  • Interest deduction incurred for the acquisition on fixed assets used in the business;
  • Tax neutral on profit or losses arising from foreign exchange rate fluctuations;
  • All expenses incurred for the production of income are tax deductible;
  • No thin capitalisation rules;
  • No transfer pricing rules; transactions incurred at arm’s length principles;
  • Capital gains tax only imposed on profit on disposal of immovable property situated in Cyprus or shares of non-listed Cy-Co owing immovable property;
  • Double tax treaties have been concluded with more than 50 countries from all continents;
  • Tax credit for foreign taxes;
  • Cyprus tax authorities provide binding advance tax rulings;
  • Cyprus permits the transfer of corporate seat into and out of Cyprus with no exit taxes or re-incorporation fees;
  • Full adoption of the EU Parent-Subsidiary Directive, EU Mergers Directive, EU Royalty and Interest Directive, EU Directive on Mutual Assistance and Cooperation.

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*Subject to conditions

Posted on Jul 24, 2017

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