Fund administration and accounting services

Royal Pine & Associates is dedicated in providing efficient and reliable fund administration and accounting services to private funds both onshore and offshore. Our services will help you deliver information to fund investors quickly, easily and clearly, comply with applicable laws and regulations and distribute returns.

Our fund administration services include:

Administrative Services:

  • Processing investor subscriptions and redemptions;
  • Communicating and reporting to investors;
  • Answering investors’ queries;
  • Ensuring timely settlement of subscription and redemption applications;
  • Updating the investors register with all holdings and changes to holdings;
  • Issuing draw-down notices and distributions to investors;
  • Performing ‘know your client’ procedures in accordance with applicable anti money laundering laws and regulations and carrying out suitable checks on each investor;
  • Collecting and maintaining investor records, including investors register and contact database;
  • Provision of other secretarial support.

Accounting Services:

  • Preparing interim unaudited fund reports according to the applicable accounting standards;
  • Calculating net asset value (NAV);
  • Managing entitlements and income;
  • Managing fees and charges;
  • Calculating distributions to investors;
  • Cash management – providing payment instructions and monitoring bank accounts;
  • Reporting to investors – preparing and distributing capital statements to each investor;
  • Communicating and coordinating with the external auditors for the preparation of the annual audited financial statements.

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The author of the article is Maria Vira.

Maria is the Head of Accounting at Royal Pine & Associates. She is a qualified accountant with eight years solid experience in the corporate industry. Maria is an extremely dedicated, innovative and talented accounting professional.

*This publication has been prepared as a general guide and for information purposes only. It does not purport to be comprehensive or to render legal advice.

Posted on Feb 06, 2018

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