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Services we provide:

Investment firms

Our team will assist you on every step of the way in applying and maintaining later your Investment Firm license and advise on the appropriate license that will serve your needs.

Intellectual property

We will register your Intellectual property with the appropriate authorities internationally, when and if required to protect your design, patent etc.

Joint ventures

We can assist with the drafting of your JV agreement whatever your goals may be. Our team of professionals have vast experience in JV transactions and will be able to advice on best practice JV setups including tax efficiency considerations.

Partnership agreements

We can assist with the drafting of your partnership agreement. At your request we will provide you with a checklist which will guide you to pick and chose the best provisions applicable to your circumstances.

Cross border mergers

We provide all the legal assistance you will need to merge two legal entities of different jurisdictions assusming this is technically possible as per local laws.

Transaction review

Our professionals have vast experience in reviewing transactions for our clients. Our priority will be to safeguard the client assets, the legal entity we are managing and ensure that no surprises will appear sometime in the future.

Share purchase agreements, Shareholders agreements

A shareholder agreement will ensure that business owners have a platform upon which to operate as members of the same company.

Our legal assistance team will be able to provide guidance and direction in deciding what is best suited according to the circumstances. Example of provisions are dead-lock provisions, exit provisions, drag along and tag along provisions etc.

Royal Pine & Associates is your solid, trusted and accountable partner

  • Reliability. With Royal Pine & Associates, you can count on reliable service, performance and responsiveness from a professional team.
  • Fastest response. We respond to our customers request and enquiries immediately.
  • Professional team. Our dedicated professional team harnesses the exclusive knowledge, strong experience, energy and creativity of each member.
  • Strong partner network. We offer comprehensive and sophisticated solutions thanks to our strong partner network worldwide.
  • Individual approach. Highly skilled, flexible and timely support is essential part of our service.
  • Trust. Earning our customers’ trust is the most important thing we do.

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